Build or buy?

It really depends on what it is you want

Purchase a Yacht

Α yacht already in the water is the fastest route

Depending on where the pre-owned yacht you choose is moored and on other details that have to do with concluding the sale, it can take from a few weeks to a few of months till it is officially yours.  One of our brokers will work closely with you to determine the condition of the boat, make a full survey and arrange a sea trial; they will also help you make the right bid.

It takes a little longer to acquire your dream-yacht

It may take longer but when you build your own yacht it will really reflect your personality and style. Building a yacht from scratch can take up to three years, but choose from our portfolio of semi-custom options offered by our yacht builder partners and delivery becomes much quicker. This means you pick a basic hull and superstructure and still customize it to a large extent, the interior in particular. Enjoy your floating home sooner with no compromise regarding your personal taste!

The pre-owned becomes your own

By refitting or freshening-up a pre-owned yacht you can put your personal stamp on it but it will mean extra time before you can sail it.