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Get inspired by our itineraries around the Mediterranean Sea

bigMapITALYFRANCEGREECETURKEYAmalfi Coast &the Aeolian Islands - 14 DAYS -Turkey &the Dodekanese - 6 DAYS -Corfu& the Ionian - 6 DAYS -Mykonos &the Cyclades - 6 DAYS -Montenegro& Croatia - 6 DAYS -South of France &the Italian Riviera - 6 DAYS -
South of France & Italy
8 days

There is only one vacation that offers equal measures of natural splendor, complete relaxation, ultimate luxury, cosmopolitan destinations and total freedom: 8 days on board a luxury yacht sailing around the South of France and Italy, an experience not to be missed!

Montenegro & Croatia
14 days

There is so much natural and architectural beauty packed along this coast! Crystal-clear waters, beautiful medieval cities, hundreds of tiny islands, well-hidden jewels waiting to be discovered by you, as you sail from one to the other...

Mykonos & the Aegean
8 days

Let yourself be wooed by the Aegean, the bluest blue sea in the world, sailing around some of its emblematic islands each with its own unique character and discovering other, better hidden, destinations among them…

Corfu & the Ionian
8 days

On the west coast of Greece stand the Ionian islands where blue meets green; pine trees, cypresses and olive groves sprawl all the way down to the emerald sea while colorful towns and picturesque villages steeped in history await you...

Turkey & the Dodekanese
14 days

Explore the most beautiful, interesting part of the Turkish coast where natural beauty and human intervention cohabit in harmony. Discover the diversity of the Greek islands that make up the Dodecanese in the southern Aegean, from cosmopolitan Rhodes to tiny Arkioi…

Amalfi Coast & the Aeolian Islands
14 days

A uniquely Italian itinerary, which embraces the most glamorous and sophisticated side of Italy, as well as its most authentic and rustic. Sapphire seas, island charm, history and myths, striking nature, spectacular food and wine. This voyage is a revelation!